5 Best Expensive Homes in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Wasaga Beach, Ontario is one of the most popular places in Canada. Properties here are selling like hot cake and if you are one of the enthusiastic buyers who want to get hold of an expensive house in this place, then you have to act quick. Since you have decided to buy a property here, you should know how beautiful Wasaga Beach is. The surroundings are absolutely perfect and it almost seems as if someone has painted the place and it has come to life. One of the best things about the properties here is that you get a wide range of luxury houses at reasonable rates. Here is a guide to some of the houses that you can look into:

1. 45 Waterview Road, Wasaga Beach

This is the apartment where you will feel that luxury is all around you. The house is massive, and you will have to take a complete tour to check all the rooms. There are countless windows, and they all have a stunning view of the waterfront. Starting from the floor to the ceilings, everything has been redone and revamped to make sure that it looks absolutely royal-class. In fact, if you visit the kitchen, you will not feel like going back to the kitchen in your present house. The laundry section is very spacious, and you can also use the clubhouse on the water with all its amenities. This 4-bedroom house will be the one that will definitely attract your attention.

2. 60 River Avenue Crescent, Wasaga Beach

Another gem of an expensive house but it is worth all the money that you spend. Build over an area of 2800 sq. ft, this house has 7 hugely spacious bedrooms. The structure of the house is such that it is often listed under wedding venues and for business meetings. You can take a tour into the house and see all the rooms and the bathrooms. The main suite also has an office area that is quite unique. You can convert it into a study room. Another attractive part about this house is the lush green outdoors. There is a big garden in front of the house that is very well-maintained.

3. 2222 Klondike Park Road, Wasaga Beach

Covering an area of 3277 sq. ft, this house is like a palace from starting till the end. The architecture of the house is no less than a house that you have seen in the fairytales. It has got everything that you dreamt for and even more. The 3 master bedrooms are absolutely humongous. It will take quite some time to finish taking the tour of the entire house. Go into the bathroom and the kitchen and see how well-decorated they are. The interior decoration of the house is top-notch, and the views from the windows are simply majestic.

4. 7 RIVER OAK Lane, Wasaga Beach

There are hardly any properties in Ontario that will be able to match the architecture and features of this house. If you are able to buy this property, then consider yourself to be very lucky. Although the size is slightly smaller than the above properties with just below 2500 sq. ft, the way the house has been built and the interior decoration is simply mind-blowing. Starting from the living rooms to the bedrooms to the bathrooms, every room will seem like a playground. The best part about the house is the layout of the interiors. Every inch of the space has been utilized so well that you will think that this is the perfect house that you have been looking for all this while.

5. 141 Old Mosley St, Wasaga Beach

If you think that a 2-story house will not be enough, then take a dare to visit this house in Ontario. It is a brand new house with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. So, space will not be an issue with this property. It also comes with luxurious amenities like king-sized kitchen, a spectacular view of the waterfront, central air conditioning, and a lot more.

There are several other houses that you can buy near Wasaga Beach, Ontario but keep these in your list because they are absolutely worth the money.

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